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Hippocratic - "Oath Do no harm - The Earth is our homeland."

Sustainability means survival, livelihoods, and environmental services

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EcoSoc Membership is open to anyone committed to preserving Himachal Pradesh’s unique sense of place by promoting environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community well-being and quality education within the travel and tourism industry.

Ecotourism Provider

Membership in this category is open to businesses or non-profit organizations that provide an ecotraveler service in Himachal Pradesh, such as accommodations, tours, visitor attractions, travel agents & Internet directories, vacation packages, and equipment rental. Annual Ecotourism Provider membership dues are only Rs. 10,000/-.


Ecotourism Affiliate

This membership category is open to any business, NGO, government agency, or individual who would like to contribute to EcoSoc goals. Annual Ecotourism Affiliate membership dues are only Rs. 7000/-.


Ecotourism Student

Are you currently enrolled in high school or university? Take advantage of the benefits of EcoSoc membership, One time, for only Rs. 1000/-.


Recognition & Promotion:

All members are listed in our top-ranked website. Reviewed Members listings include a detailed description of your services, company logo and one or more photos. Reviewed Members receive opportunities for additional promotion including:

EcoSoc Operator of the Year Award
Representation & promotion at tradeshows, conferences, and community events

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